noun: suagar baby

/ˈSHo͝oɡər ˌbabē/

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby can be anyone, man or woman, that follows a certain arrangement set up between partners. Now when you think about it aren’t all relationships some sort of arrangement. For some couples with children, the arrangement might be one partner works and the other takes care of the children. 

Talking generally, sugar babies are usually young, attractive women while their sugar daddies are often older, wealthy males. These gender roles can and definitely do change but for the most part, this is the way common sugar baby relationships look. 

Women become sugar babies for a number of reasons. They often make great money, go on lavish trips, get amazing gifts, and are dotted on by older more established males. In some arrangements, these men offer to mentor in careers and help their sugar babies network. For a young cute girl looking to make some money on the side, sugaring is a great opportunity.

What do sugar babies want?

The internet has made it easier than ever to find someone you can pay to literally do anything. More people than ever are accepting of the need for sex workers. The stigma is lessened every day and more people are willing to step into the role. While being a sugar baby does not always involve sex, in many circumstances it does. In lame man terms, a sugar baby is a woman that receives benefits from a man in exchange for companionship. While sugar mommas with young men do exist it is not as common. While that may seem pretty black and white, defining what a sugar baby is significantly more complex than this.


What does a sugar baby look like?

A sugar baby can look a number of different ways but it is often expected she is beautiful and well put together. Older men often get a sugar baby to have a trophy on their arm. Men often use a sugar baby as a symbol of their wealth. By having a much more attractive, young, hot woman on their arm many people will infer that he has the money to keep her around. 

Not all sugar babies are young. Some men love a sugar baby that is extremely young but some like an older sugar baby. Older sugar babies might have their lives a little more established, be less drama and not raise as many eyebrows. 


What does a sugar baby do?

The great thing about being a sugar baby or a sugar daddy is that the arrangement can look any way you want it to. While it is presumed that sugar babies are being paid for sex that is not always the case. Plenty of sugar babies are paid for dinners, companionships, phone calls, or photos.

Both partners can arrange the relationship in whatever way they see fit. Some sugar babies are strictly virtual and offer photos, videos, and phone calls. Others provide a full girlfriend experience which of course includes sex. 


Many sugar babies make thousands of dollars a month for doing a variety of things. Some sugar babies never meet their sugar daddies in real life and still get all the perks. By using Skype and Facetime these arrangements are becoming more and more popular. 


What does a sugar baby get? 


Sugar babies get a wide away of things some tangible and some not. Most sugar babies receive an allowance. This is an amount of money a month to spend on whatever they want. While some sugar babies make money on a per meeting basis having an allowance makes for more steady of an income. 



Cash is king when it comes to being a sugar baby. Girls have used this cash to put themselves through school, buy houses, support themselves and much much more. In some arrangements, sugar babies have to use their allowances for certain things like rent or tuition. 



Gifts are another common thing given to sugar babies. Some sugar babies have been on record saying they’ve received gifts as lavish as cars. While many receive designer items like shoes and handbags. Spoiling is a common responsibility of a sugar daddy. 



Mentoring is a huge benefit of being a sugar baby. Men that are sugar daddies are often well established, successful, older gentlemen. These men are ofter highly educated professionals. Sugar daddies often help guide their young sugar babies in their careers later on. 



Elaborate vacations are a huge part of the sugar baby sugar daddy relationship. Often both parties don’t want to have their relationship cross into their current lives. By going on a luxe vacation together both parties get to play the part without fear of being recognized. If you’re ever wondering how all the girls you know are in these amazing places all the time, this might be how. 



Some sugar daddies offer to pay for tuition. They see educating their baby as the best way to help them get ahead in life. A sugar daddy that pays directly for tuition is great because the baby doesn’t have a chance to spend the money on silly things. In this arrangement, books can also be considered as part of the deal. 


Types of sugar babies: 


The Classic Baby: 

The classic sugar baby is after one thing. Cash. She doesn’t have her sugar daddy pay her rent or buy her things. The classic sugar baby is a young beautiful woman. Sugar daddies go for this type of girl because they are in need. Many sugar daddies love to play the hero and feel like they are saving their sugar baby by helping her out. Classic sugar babies would probably never be with their sugar daddy if it wasn’t for the money. The classic sugar baby is always put together and beautiful. Many sugar daddies are with a  sugar baby because they want a prize on their arm. A beautiful sugar baby offers them the opportunity for just this. 


The Mature Sugar Baby: 

Many sugar babies are older. In the sugaring industry, a mature sugar baby is 30+ years old. While this might still seem really young sugaring is a young girl's sport. There are many reasons sugar daddies love a slightly older baby. A more mature sugar baby might not be as needy, be better at handling her finances, and better with the emotions that come along with sugaring. Some sugar daddies want a girl that doesn’t need them but simply wants to be with them. If they are too needed it is a turn-off.


The MILF Baby: 

Nothing says damsel in distress like a single momma with babies to raise. There is something about this dynamic that sugar daddies flock to. They can feel great knowing they are helping a small family in need. The momma can feel good knowing making great money without spending tons of time away from her kids. There can be a dynamic where the sugar daddy will want to move into a father role for the children. Some older men never got the chance at a family and this solution offers an instant family. 


The Sugar Boy:

Girls are not the only kind of sugar baby. Many sugar mommas are out there are spoiling young men all around the world. Wealthy women, bored housewives, or single ladies have needs as well. There is no shame in having a sugar momma or being a sugar boy. As more and more women are becoming wealthy CEO’s they have less time to be worried about running around dating. A sugar boy can check a lot of boxes without a lot of the hassle. 


Why do girls choose to be sugar babies?

Why not! Being a sugar baby often helps young women make a huge amount of money without too much work. While it can be dangerous for many women the reward outweighs the risk. Netting thousands of dollars a month to spend time with an older man that might treat you like a queen doesn’t sound half bad. 

There are risks that come along with being a sugar baby. Sugar babies can be abused by their partners, be put in dangerous situations, or have their reputation compromised. While these concerns are extremely valid there are precautions you can take to stay safe. Use your common sense and try to protect your privacy as much as possible. 



A sugar baby can look a variety of different ways. There are tons of different arrangements with many benefits for both parties. Being a sugar baby does not always involve sex and even if it does that's okay. If both people are benefitting from the arrangement and it is legal and consensual there is nothing to lose. 

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a sugar baby or for wanting to be a sugar baby that is between you and your partner. Your arrangement should be fun, easy, and mutually beneficial.  By making your agreement clear from the beginning both parties will have a much more enjoyable time. Have fun sugaring or being sugared!